Motivations for Evangelism

Motivations for evangelism


The evangelization of those around us (all who need the gospel) is not a natural fact for all Christians, although it should be. Some Christians have a greater openness to bring the Word of God to mankind, while others are either not active or are evangelizing with great effort.

At the heart of evangelistic actions are strong arguments, more specifically, something that causes us (should have us) to tell people about Jesus Christ and His salvation.

What are those truths that push us to go beyond comfort, perhaps shame (?), And witness (Acts 1: 8)?

1. Glory to Christ!

"We must be jealous of the glory of His Name, disturbed when He remains unknown, wounded when ignored, indignant when blasphemed, and always eager and determined to give Him all the honor and glory He deserves." John Stott (Romans)

The goal with which we set out in evangelism is the glory of Jesus. If it motivates us to evangelize, said the same John Stott, it is best done by "burning and strong zeal for the glory of Jesus Christ."

He has glory in Himself, Jesus is honored, glorified by angels, by the twenty-four elders, by the four living creatures. The honor that I, the mortal, can have, is enormous, that by spreading the message of the gospel, I can glorify the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

2. Great Reference!

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Matthew 28:19

The Gospel of Matthew ends with these memorable words of the Savior, which convey very clearly the desire of the Lord Jesus for His followers. This message to the disciples is God's will for His Church.

The sending that we also have today, materializes in the lives of some, in the form of a total change of life, becoming long-term missionaries. In the lives of most Christians, however, the Great Assignment involves sharing God's Word where the Christian lives, so that neighbors, colleagues, friends, and relatives who do not know God hear the gospel message.

The motivation of long-term missionaries, of short-term missionary Christians, of all Christians after all, is given by the words of Jesus. His commandments are holy to us, he sent us, so we go.

3. Love for sinners alienated from God!

Love of neighbor is not optional. It follows from the normal life of faith. It is a contradiction in terms of the existence of a Christian who does not love. It is absurd and aberrant to believe the sacred text that tells us that "God is love" and to allow ourselves willfully not to love.

We have the medicine for the sick, we have more than a simple message, it is the solution of salvation for the man corrupted by sin and a prisoner of sin, if we love the sinner we will do our duty.

The lepers at the gate of Samaria when they discovered the abandoned Syrian camp told the emperor. In this way they were the saviors of a hungry people. The world hungry for love can be fed up with the love of Christ, provided we do not keep silent, do not keep silent.

We will not silence those who love the souls around us.

May these reasons "push" us further on this path of evangelization!