The Most Important Relationship

Society is made up of people who relate. Without relationships, society would not function.

Relationships can be family. The family is the cradle of society. Too bad the family is discredited. With those named by us friends, we have friendships. Neighbors can also enjoy relationships with each other, but also those who attend the same church.

Relationships differ in "intensity." We have more "close" relationships, which we want and fight for. But we are also talking about necessary but unwanted relationships. Probably forced by circumstances. The Holy Apostle Paul reiterated that it is up to us to live "in peace with all men" (Romans 12: 8).

Beyond these connections with the above, there is another type of relationship. It is the relationship between us, creation and Creator. The relationship between me and Him, God. This relationship needs a beginning (God is the initiator of this relationship) and it is very important to never know the end.

The relationship with God is our only way to save our souls. In her absence, there is no salvation. Whoever believes this truth stated by the Scriptures will do all that depends on him, for the relationship to grow and gain both depth and intimacy. This relationship gives meaning and significance to man.

Man's relationship with God is not mediated by people. This means that we are talking about a personal, direct relationship. Every human being is valued by God. By virtue of this truth, he was able to sacrifice his only Son.

God expects us to be honest. It cannot be used. Whoever tries this, loses the grace of the relationship with Him. Love is the word that defines the relationship the most. God must be loved, not the attributes he could manifest for our benefit.

The relationship between us and God must be an open relationship to new challenges. Walking with Him is the most fascinating and exciting adventure.

The profound relationship between the unseen God and us mortals transcends the ephemeral and concludes in uninterrupted fellowship in the eternity of God.

Do you enjoy such a relationship?