Jesus & The Bible Explained

The Bible - the most widely read book in the world - loved by many, but also hated by many. Why? Because it reveals the truth. And the truth is often painful. The Bible is like a mirror that reveals your soul, knows your innermost secrets and lets you see who you really are. (God's word is full of life and power. It is sharper than the blade of a sword sharpened on both sides, it penetrates into our innermost being, into our soul and spirit, and hits us deep in the marrow and bone. This word is incorruptible Judge the thoughts and most secret desires of our hearts - Hebrews 4:12). But it is THE book that gives you hope for a better future, a better life (But I have mercy on those who love me and keep my commandments. They and their descendants will experience my love for thousands of generations. - Deuteronomy 5.10)!

A book full of secrets but also revelations and promises. It tells the story of mankind, the story of God, as well as mine and yours! The decision as to how the story ends rests in the hand of Almighty God, but also in yours (Whoever believes in the Son of God has eternal life. But whoever does not listen to him will never come to life, but God's wrath will rest on him forever - John 3:36). Because YOU can decide whether you want to recognize and accept the truth or not! You will find this truth in this book that gives life, sets you free and teaches how we can cope with everyday problems and not give up. (You will see the truth and the truth will set you free - John 8:32). The content of this book, filled with valuable advice, was given to the writers directly by God, because He is the one who created man and therefore knows best in which areas he needs support (for all of the Holy Scriptures are inspired by God It is designed to teach us, to help us see our guilt, get back on track, and live the way God pleases (2 Timothy 3:16).

The first part of the Bible - the Old Testament (OT) - tells the story of mankind from the beginning (In the beginning God created heaven and earth - Genesis 1,1). It begins with our emergence, the development of human beings and around a people “chosen” by God, Israel (But he turned his special love to your ancestors you are still today - Deuteronomy 10:15). Its ups and downs, its men and women, war and conquest and a “promised land”. Since people by nature - through the urge to do evil deeds / sins - preferred hate instead of love, evil instead of good, God had to intervene and give them a kind of guide for a better life, the laws, which was stated in the first 5 books of the (Then he gave us all these ordinances so that we could obey them and be in awe of him. In this way he will make sure that we are well and that we live long - Deuteronomy 6:24). Since our ancestors have shown often enough in the course of history that man has a tendency to destroy nature and even his fellow human beings, God - the creator of this world - has repeatedly encouraged them to listen to his instructions, which human beings receive should protect against the consequences of evil deeds (Rather, it is our own selfish desires that repeatedly lure us to evil. If we give in to them, then we have received evil and give birth to sin. But it inevitably leads to death. - James 1: 14-15). However, they saw the strict laws as a limitation on their lives and tried to bend them rather than obey them, only to have to pay for them again and again in the course of history with oppression and death. God put an end to this endless loop with a plan that is immeasurably valuable for us: He slipped into our skin himself and showed us how a life according to God's will can succeed, in the person of JESUS ​​CHRIST!

This is what the New Testament (NT) tells about. The first four books contain the story of his birth, life, death and resurrection. Through his human life he has shown us that it is possible to live free from guilt and burden (but he is not one of those who do not understand our weaknesses and are incapable of compassion. Jesus Christ had to struggle with the same temptations as we, but unlike us, he never sinned - Hebrews 4:15). We as humans cannot do this on our own - the past has proven it - but there is still today, after Jesus ‘time on earth, a person who can give us the necessary strength and perseverance. This is the Holy Spirit - the third person of God (Then I will ask the Father that he will give you another helper in my place who will stay with you forever. This is the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot receive him, for she is blind to him and does not recognize him. But you know him, for he remains with you and will live in you. - John 14: 16-17). He guides us through prayer, in our thoughts and can even influence our feelings so that we can make the right decision in every situation (The Spirit of God helps us in all our weaknesses and needs. -Romans 8:26 a).

In the other books of the New Testament one can find the history of the first Christians, the first leaders of the Church and their letters to the Christian communities in the various regions of the time. Ultimately, the final book - Revelation - exposes the secrets of the future, the time we are now living in and those of eternity. (Jesus says: "Get ready! I am coming soon. Happy is he who follows the prophetic words of this book!" - Revelation 22: 7).

The best way to understand the relationships between the individual books is to start reading the New Testament. Practical instructions and valuable tips for everyday life can be found, among other things, in these books of the Bible: Proverbs and Preachers (OT) or the letters of Peter, John or Paul to Timothy and Titus.

God bless you on your journey into a fulfilled life through the power of the word of God!